Navigating NYC with Parker

At Parker, New York City inspires us in everything we do. We teamed up with Six Degrees Society to host a women's networking event celebrating our favorite city. We also caught up with Taylor Carlson Gowdy, VP of Brand Development at PopSugar, to get inspiration on how to build a career you love in NYC. 

Tell us about the early days in your career, and how those experiences led you to where you are today?

I’ve always approached my career aspirations as an opportunity to find myself. I began my career at a media buying agency and started to see early on that storytelling and branding were my passion points. I started thinking about how I could foster that into the next point of my career. I joined a marketing and public relations agency where I learned how to be a strong communicator and how important it is to know your audience. I've realized that every job, even though I didn’t think it was intentional, led me to what I’m doing and what I love to do today.

At what point did you feel like you fell into your dream job?

I’m currently in my dream job at PopSugar because it’s a combination of everything I’ve always loved doing. PopSugar is a digital publishing engine and our focus is on identifying ourselves as a brand. I’m constantly challenged to figure out how to take this mature digital publisher and turn it into a brand. Working to help shape and grow that business is so inspiring. 

What does New York City mean to you?

I grew up right outside of the city so for me it was always a fun destination you visited to see broadway shows or go shopping. Although I spent some time away to see other parts of the country, it was always somewhere I knew I’d come back. What I love most is that NYC has a little something for everyone, and even though it’s a big city you still get to make it your own.

What does a typical weekend in the city look like for you?

I live in TriBeCa with my husband and puppy. A typical weekend usually starts with yoga or some type of workout class. Honestly, I’m a homebody and I love just spending time at home and cooking. My husband is a foodie so we love exploring new restaurants too – brunch is our favorite.

Favorite restaurant... Gramercy Tavern – strictly for the burger

Favorite cocktail... I’m a wine person, but if I do order a cocktail it’s an Aperol Spritz

Favorite date night... Checking out a new restaurant, we love sitting at the bar and being casual with it








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