When + Wear: Office to Street

This season we're showing you how, when and where to wear our favorite pieces. To continue our When + Wear series, we caught up with sister duo @nycxclothes for two ways to style our Antoinette Dress. From vintage chic at work, to cool city girl – below are their tips for fun, fearless fashion.

When: Office Days

Wear: Antoinette Dress

How: Vintage Chic + A Touch of Glam

I styled the Antoinette Dress with a three-layer necklace to add a touch of glam to this effortless chambray dress. A vintage blazer and knee-high boots convey a sense of business and playfulness — which is mostly how I dress when I work in the office.

My style: girly and eclectic. I love mixing select trendy pieces with timeless pieces and random vintage finds. I love clothes with an architectural sensibility that can spark a conversation. I always look to bring an unexpected element to my outfits — whether it be through statement jewelry, a fun print or an unconventional pairing. 

#1 Style Tip: Let clothes speak to you. How do the fabrics feel on your body? Does this dress make you feel more confident? Fashion for me is a direct expression of who I am, how I feel or would like to feel. I always let my looks reflect my personality and overall attitude in life.

Weekend Hotspot: I keep going back to Yours Truly in Bushwick because of how lovely the place is. They prepare your cocktails with such meticulousness, and their prices are super budget-friendly. It’s a nice place to catch up with friends and have some good drinks.

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When: Street Style

Wear: Antoinette Dress

How: Classic Leather Jacket  + Sneakers

I styled this form-fitting dress with a leather jacket and some sneakers for a cool city girl look. The pairing is a bit unexpected. But it fits my personality: laid-back, with an edge.

My Style: street chic. I love dressing down formal pieces with sneakers to add a masculine touch. I’d also pair a ruffled dress with an oversized blazer just to give it that practical, ready-to-wear element.

#1 Style Tip: Have fun with it, play with dimensions, colors and shapes. I love styling my closet staples a thousand different ways because that makes the pieces last longer.

Weekend Hotspot: Right now, my favorite spot is Hotel Delmano in Brooklyn. It’s your quintessential French cafe with a very inviting atmosphere and a really good menu. The staff is also amazing, the service keeps me going back.

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