Mother's Day with @janenecrossley

In honor of Mother's Day, we've created a limited edition run of mini girl's dresses in our favorite prints. We caught up with mommy-and-me styling expert Janene Crossley to talk about all things career, motherhood and styling. Check out the full story below. Plus, sign up here for first-access to shop these girls dresses. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

Oh boy! Each day is so different, but we do have a few similar routines each day. We start the day off with breakfast for my mini crew of 4 kids. I’ve hired a sitter (who also happens to be my sister-in-law!) to come 2 days a week to stay with the kids while I bang out emails, brainstorm content, and run whatever errands I need.

After all the kids are home, I have a rule that I keep my electronic devices in my bedroom or in my office so that the kids know when I’m in the living room or kitchen with them, they can trust I’m available to them. If I need to work in the evenings, I’ll wait until the kids go to bed.

We always have family dinner together, which has been a fun & crazy tradition. We all chat through our highs & lows from the day. It’s been great to see deeper insight into what the kids are thrilled with, or struggling with during their days.

In the evenings after the kids go to bed, my hubby and I will pick up and clean up. We’ll usually spend some time working and always try to sneak in a TV show together while doing a quick workout. We’ve actually never gone to bed alone, so we usually end up chatting each other’s ears off until midnight when we finally get to sleep.

What inspired you to start your blog? How did you do it?

I actually started a blog about 10 years ago. I wanted to keep in touch with family and friends while I was away in college. I had a growing love for photography and was able to access my creative side by shooting photos of my home projects and sharing them to my blog! I was also a recipe junkie and shooting photos of my sweet and salty cravings was so much fun. It was then that I fell in love with writing. I was able to share my newlywed life through that space.

I eventually shared our infertility journey and struggles. I found so much healing through expressing my story and I found a community of women experiencing similar struggles. Through the grace of God, we found ourselves with 3 young babies, the youngest were newborn twins. Life picked up and so my blog slowed down.

A few years later after my Instagram took off, it was my Instagram community that inspired me to start a new blog – Hello Ivory Rose. I can only share a few thoughts on each Instagram post, but I’m able to share so much more of my heart through more words and photos on my blog.

How do you balance being a successful blogger and a full-time mom?

I can be a great mom, a considerate friend, a sweet wife, and a creative business owner – but I can’t be all of those people at the same time. Each of those roles require different talents, actions, thought processes, & feelings. And I used to believe that I had to be all those people and be available to everyone at all times. But giving a little bit of myself away to everyone all the time is not living a balanced life for me.

Over time, my perspective has shifted and I learned that in order for me to be my best self in each of those roles, I had to carve out time for each one. I can be a great mom and a successful business woman but not on the same day. And it’s only by accepting this truth and creating designated time and space for me to shine in each area that I’ve been able to feel that my life is better balanced.

What's your favorite part of mommy-and-me dressing?

My kids absolutely LOVE it! I’m always surprised when other mamas ask if my kids like to dress in matching outfits. My first thought is, they wouldn’t allow me to dress them in matching outfits if they didn’t love it! The girls genuinely love it and my son loves to match his twin sister and siblings. And second, it’s SO MUCH EASIER when we need to get dressed in a hurry and I can tell the kids, “get in your pink matching dresses!” The kids know what outfits to get dressed in and they can correct each other if someone grabs the wrong outfit. It’s so much easier to find one dress that we love and simply buy it in multiple sizes. Shopping for outfits is much easier when I’m only looking for one item.

Any Mother's Day traditions? How do you celebrate?

I’m lucky enough to live by most of my family and so we’ll get together for a big yummy dinner so that all the cousins can play together. My cute husband will get flowers for me and for the girls. Watching my girls light up when their daddy gives them flowers has been the highlight for me each year. He also lets me sleep in and takes over most of the parenting for the day. ☺

What is the #1 thing you hope to teach your girls?

Oh wow, what a heavy question! You know, I really want my children to believe that they are not defined by the opinions of others. And that failure is good. The more I put myself out there and try new things, the more I fail. And when I’ve failed, I’ve also found the path that doesn’t get me to my goal. Which means, I’m one-step closer to success. I want my kids to embrace trying new things which ultimately means failure is inevitable. Failure is the best thing that can happen to us as we try one more time until we get it right.




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