How to wrap the perfect gift

Sure, it’s the thought that counts... but it doesn't hurt for that thought to be wrapped beautifully and tied together with the perfect bow. We partnered with our favorite wrapping paper company - Rifle Paper Co. - to help make our gifts extra special this holiday season. Follow this tutorial and we’re sure your friends and family will feel even more loved this year!

Tip: For the best results, we recommend a glass of wine (or two!)

Step 1: Lay out all of your supplies: wrapping paper, gift box, scissor, ribbon, tape. 

Step 2: Roll out wrapping paper and measure amount needed to cover your gift.

Step 3: Place the gift box upside down in the center of the wrapping paper.

Step 4: Pull the paper up on each side, halfway across the top, to the center of the gift box, and secure it to the box with a piece of tape.

Step 5: Fold in the edges of the paper to create two small pointed corners on either side of the paper. Tape those corners in place, then fold the bottom flap up and the top flap over. Secure with tape.

Step 6: Repeat Step 5 on the other side of the gift box.

Step 7: Measure desired amount of ribbon, leaving enough on each end to secure a bow.

Step 8: Begin by laying the ribbon over the width of the front of the gift box. Pull either end of the ribbon to meet on the back side of the gift box. Cross the ribbon together and pull through along the length of the box. Continue in this direction to bring the ribbon back to the front side of the box.

Step 9: Cut ribbon and tie into a bow.

Step 10: String gift tag through ribbon.

Step 11: Place gift tag in center of bow and use ribbon to secure.

Step 12: Put a smile on someones face!


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