A Very Parker Holiday: Billur Karamanci + Amanda Shine

To kick off the holiday season, we talked to experts across different industries for their top tips on celebrating the holidays with ease. This week we chatted with Billur Karamanci and Amanda Shine, co-founders of The Setting NYC, about creating the perfect setting for your guests, and how custom touches are the way to go.

Wearing the Tiara Dress + Carmindy Dress

What are your top tips for creating a welcoming setting for your guests?

Starting with a clean slate! Amanda’s secret weapon is Windex with vinegar. You want to make sure the venue or your home looks fresh and inviting for guests. You can then layer with your favorite scented candle, accessories, and cozy layers.

What special touches do you like to add to entertaining during the holiday season?

Set the mood — seasonal florals with your favorite fragrance are the best way to pull together a unique table setting at home.

Sharing is caring — making your holiday event into a potluck is an easy way to lessen your load and adds an element of collaborative flair to the menu and evening.

Cheers — create a seasonal cocktail to elevate guests’ arrival, keeping everyone happy and engaged and leaving you time to oversee your dishes and last-minute touches.

Customize — place cards or small touches that people will remember along with a playlist of seasonal tunes blended in with easy listening like jazz or top hits, depending on the crowd.

Any tips for adding a creative touch to standard holiday gifts?

Create something special for the people you love! Custom touches go a long way. We recommend something that people can treasure such as a ceramic vessel or piece for their home.

How is the creativity you apply to your business represented in your personal style?

We have been fortunate enough to have our business take us to incredible parts of the world and it is a huge source of inspiration for us. We’ve collected our favorite pieces on these trips! We’ve also been so inspired by the elegance and style of different women from all cultures. We cultivate our creativity from our team, each other, and the overall notion of redefining entertaining at home and beyond.

Favorite Parker piece this season...

Billur: The Presley Mosaic print

Amanda: The Carmindy Dress

How to unwind after the holiday season...

All the obvious answers are the right ones! For us, we value time to recharge whether it be exercise, cooking, or a good bath.


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