A Very Parker Holiday: Ashlee Glazer

To kick off the holiday season, we talked to experts across different industries for their top tips on celebrating the holidays with ease. This week we we talked to Ashlee Glazer, celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert, about her must-have products for that holiday glow. Plus, how to take your look to the next level when you’re on-the-go.

Wearing the Kallie Combo Jumpsuit

How does your beauty routine change during the holiday season?

I spend a little bit more time on my routine during the holiday season since I see so many people I haven’t seen in a while. I make sure I use my primer, setting spray, and pack a solid touchup kit. I like to take time to add a few lashes, just to feel extra special.

Any on-the-go beauty tips for the woman heading from work to a holiday party?

Highlighter and eyeliner are two of my favorite and most effective products you can use to bump up your look. Enhance your eyes by smoking them out or adding a cat eye. Pop the highlighter on cheeks, tear ducts, brow bone, lids, and décolletage or shins — anything the light hits will glow. Plus, it’ll make it look like you’ve been eating bon-bons all day, not sitting tied to your desk in poor lighting.  A little concealer stick and lip color are other essentials to keep on hand to tie the look together.

Wearing the Preston Combo Jumpsuit

What’s the best beauty product or service to gift?

I always like to gift massages and facials — and you can always just gift the dollar amount to cover either at a spa so they have the luxury to choose either treatment. But I always make sure to add gratuity so they never have to open their wallet!

What’s your favorite outfit to wear to a holiday celebration?

My favorite outfit is something festive and fun! I love to get dressed up and try and mix luxe fabrics with lots of sparkle! Leather trousers with a sequin jacket, a super feminine skirt and turtleneck, or a cashmere top are go-tos I can piece together in my closet.    

The 3 beauty products you can’t live without...

Bronzer for warmth, mascara to define my lashes, and Vaseline for moisture on my lips. I use it as a sheen all over my face and body in a pinch too!

The best at home beauty tool to invest in...

I love the Jillian Dempsey 24k gold bar. The vibration lifts, stimulates, and perks up my skin for a night out.

Your #1 skincare tip...

My # 1 tip is to always wash your face before bed. No matter how many cocktails you have had, or how tired you are, take the time to wash and prep for bed. Your skin will thank you in the morning!

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