A Very Parker Holiday: Pamela Tick

To kick off the holiday season, we talked to experts across different industries for their top tips on celebrating the holidays with ease. This week we spoke with Pamela Tick, DJ and influencer, about curating a timeless holiday playlist, and which songs start the night off right.

Wearing the Connie Dress and Dennis Sweater

What’s something most people would be surprised to know about the art of DJing?

DJing has helped me bridge the gap between all my passions including music, fashion, and positive energy. It was something I always toyed with learning, but it fell into my lap naturally as a career path and I’m constantly learning through experiences.

How does your music taste change throughout the seasons?

I am always on the search for upcoming new music and always getting inspired by vibes, weather, holidays, spirit, travel, and people.

What’s on your holiday season playlist?

Elvis’s “Blue Christmas,” Green Day’s “Holiday,” WHAM!’s “Last Christmas,” Daryl Hall & John Oates’ “Jingle Bell Rock,” Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas,” and NSYNC’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.”

How does your taste in music differ from or align with your taste in fashion?

I like to look at my style as timeless and classic — same with the music I spin. The two coincide for me.

Best song to start off a night of entertaining….

I have a few go-tos to start off a night of DJing. I love me a little Christine and the Queens to warm up and feel out a crowd. But you also can’t go wrong with “Koop Island Blues” for any party or crowd.

When I’m DJ-ing I like to wear….

Anything that makes me feel like myself, with a bit of extra pizazz. Adding a touch of fun and sexy always goes a long way when on the decks.

Favorite holiday tradition…

Every year my family and I go out to Aspen, Colorado for a ski trip during Christmas and New Year’s. It’s a true winter wonderland and the most magical place in the world with my favorite people.

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Photography Credit: Phoebe Cheong



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