Parker Brand Video

We caught up with Sara Nell McDowell, the creative force behind our first ever brand video. She shares with us the shoot inspiration, tips for chasing your dreams and all things NYC. Plus, the everyday way she styles sequins (even for deli runs). 

Where did you pull inspiration for Parker’s brand video?

Parker has such a positive spirit imbued within the brand and I really wanted to celebrate it’s connection to New York City. I thought dance would be a perfect medium to honor both — a great way to show the movement in the clothing and an ode to NYC’s creative spirit. 

Which Parker piece are you loving most? 

Definitely the Ellen Sequined Pant! I love the idea of wearing sequins in an everyday casual way and not making an occasion out of it. I’d wear these pants with a t-shirt and sneakers to the deli and feel great about it.  

What do you think the key to your sucess has been?

I can't express how important I believe observation is for learning, growing and evolving. I was so lucky to start my career with photographer visionaries like Annie Leibovitz and Mark Seliger. Throughout those experiences and during my time at Vanity Fair, Vogue and Refinery29 I seized the opportunity to learn through osmosis. I never took anything for granted and absorbed everything I possibly could. I realized, especially in the beginning, I had no right to be there beyond showing up and working really really hard and learning everything I could. 

Sara Nell McDowell

What led you to launch your own company?

Starting my own company was a huge leap of faith and very scary. But driving forward through the fear of change and the unknown is when the greatest things happen in life. I decided to launch my own creative studio because I had reached a point where I had my own voice and I had something to say. Building something from the ground up and applying everything I’ve learned over the years is a challenge everyday, but it feels right. I believe in going with my gut and I know there is nothing that can’t be achieved through persistent thoughtful hard work. 

What is your favorite part about being a video and creative director?

At heart I am a storyteller and I have a deep desire to make people feel something. The search to produce creative that resonates with people on a visceral level, that makes people think about themselves, the world, or just one moment a little differently is really what drives me. It's the most exciting part about what I do, and something I know I can passionately spend a lifetime pursuing.   

Your favorite thing about living and working in NYC?

New York City is a place for me where I feel like anything is possible.  There’s a magic in the city that makes life feel bigger and more extreme in both good and bad. I love the history of the city and the ever-present nostalgia that exists within all the stories of people who have pursued their dreams here. I just love the energy of it. 

What's the best spot to shoot in NYC? 

My favorite thing about shooting in NYC is all the unexpected places you have access to that you normally wouldn’t. I love getting to visit amazing homes or previously unknown streets, restaurants or beautifully dilapidated apartments. There’s so much of New York that we never see because we’d have no reason to unless searching for that perfect location. One of my recent favorites was a chandelier warehouse in Brooklyn. But that’s just for now, because the best part about NYC is there’s always someplace new to discover. 



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