A Chique Peek at NYFW

Nothing says New York quite like fashion week. Between outfit changes and too many coffee runs to count, the hustle-and-bustle of the city hits an all time high during fashion week. We caught up with @achiquepeek to get her best tips on making it through, and loving every second of it. #IGotThis

@achiquepeek in the Berlin Dress

My top tips for preparing for NYFW… don’t overextend yourself. You can’t be in 10 places at once and will wear yourself out trying to be! Prioritize your schedule.

I never travel to NYFW without… my steamer (always a lifesaver!)

Always in my purse….  a portable charger, a granola bar, mints, rollerball perfume, lip gloss, and a lint roller.

Favorite part of NYFW… sitting front row at my favorite shows. NYFW was a dream of mine and now it’s a reality.

Least favorite part of NYFW… running on empty for seven days. #fashionoverload

What I’m most excited for… seeing the new trends and catching up with all my friends from around the world.

Best trend this year… fanny packs - can't get enough!

I can never have too much… faux fur!

Heels or flats… flats, comfort is key.

Favorite place for a bite between shows… Smile to Go.

Best place to grab a drink… The Blond.

My top tips for nailing a NYFW post… plan your posts ahead so you can post in real time.

Instagram or Instagram stories… Instagram stories.

Front row at the show or first in line for the after party… who says you can’t do both? 😉

Best way to unwind after it’s all over… a spa day - your feet will thank you!




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