A Parker Black Wedding

When our Head Designer attended a wedding at a castle in Ireland, this Parker Black dress totally stole the show. We caught up with our Parker Black Designer to talk about the inspiration behind these gorgeous gowns.

I traveled to Paris recently and came across these beautiful swirls on one of the metro stations. I immediately recognized it as a design from the Art Nouveau era, a style of art and architecture inspired by the curved lines of plants and flowers that was popular between 1890 and 1910. Those design techniques translate so naturally to Parker Black designs. This dress draws on that inspiration with the sweeping lines seen across the entire body of the dress. Metal glass beads were added around the florals to create a layer of detail that would really stand out - and sparkle!

All of our Parker Black dresses are hand-drawn, it takes me about two full days to complete each sketch. It’s a very intricate process, I draw out every detail and every bead that is placed on the dress. From there, the patterns are sent to India where the frame of the dress is traced with chalk onto the fabric tulle. Once everything is laid out, four people sit with each dress and begin to bead them by hand - typically a gown has about 10,000 beads. It’s a really special process that makes our Parker Black dresses truly one of a kind.

"When I saw the wedding venue, I immediately knew I wanted to wear this dress. It felt like the dress was created right from the botancial drawings that were hanging in the castle and the fresh cut flowers from the stone walled garden." - Emmy, Head Designer


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