To kick off the season in style, we asked three of our favorite
Brooklyn-based fashion bloggers—and real-life best friends—
to share their recipe for the sweetest summer ever.
Get excited, and bring on the sunshine, beach days, ice cream, and bonding...

Meet Emily AKA

Meet Emily

Most close friends and family call me Em! 

Fave summer plans?
Governor's Ball music festival, Montauk weekends,
and a London trip. (Bring on the euro tour!)

Summer Theme Song:
New Lana Del Ray! 'Lust for Life'
feat. The Weeknd.

I my friends for:
Being my family! There’s nothing
more comforting than my girls.

Summer musts:
a great beach hat (I'm always on SPF patrol),
slide sandals + off-the-shoulder dresses.

I'm all about clothes that are easy, simple and playful.
Me and my girls!

"Me and my girls!" – Andrea + the crew @ Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

Meet Andrea AKA

Meet Andrea

Fav things about summer:
EVERYTHING! Longer days, eating outside,
ice cream! And bronze skin—yessssss.

Spirit animal:
A lion. They're adorable, plus it was validated
by a "what's your spirit animal" online quiz. Ha!

Summer Theme Song:
"Burn Fast (BKAYE Remix)" - BKAYE

I my friends for:
Love, support, but especially honest opinions!!
It's so great to be able to turn to my girls.

Summer musts:
cute sneakers, LOTS of white clothes, and fun dresses
you can throw on (can't miss that brunch reservation!)

Rompers and dresses are my go-to!
Our pregame is a lot of laughter, pizza & dancing around to our favorite music.

"Our pregame is a lot of laughter, pizza & dancing around to our favorite music." – Amanda and Co. on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Meet Amanda AKA

Meet Amanda

Andrea calls me Boo Boo sometimes.

Spirit animal:
A tiger. I just got mine read the other day
and it was totally on point: spontaneous,
intuitive + a little unpredictable.

Summer Theme Song:
"Real Love Baby" by Father John Misty.
It makes me want to dance.

I my friends for:
Being the sweetest girls I know. There's
never a dull moment when we're together.

Summer musts:
A floral sundress, high waisted jean shorts
and an off-the-shoulder crop top.

This summer I'm loving pretty sun dresses.

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