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Travels in Tulum with Courtney ScottTravels in Tulum with Courtney Scott

Court Scott in our Sandy Blouse

in Tulum

Travels in Tulum with Courtney Scott

Travel blogger, filmmaker,
sometimes Today Show
contributor, DJ, global nomad

Key things to pack when traveling

// I never travel without...

My camera gear, noise cancelling
headphones and definitely
some new Soundcloud sets

// What’s in your bag?

It's so random: some Vietnamese Dong,
the Le Labo lotion from EDITION, a piece of
a Burning Man sculpture, Coola lip balm,
and a winning lottery ticket.

// Key Pieces to Pack...

You really don't need much in Tulum. Bare feet and a bikini go a long way.

Number 1

ponchos for
windy nights

Number 2

a cute kimono

Number 3

some boots for
jungle parties

Beauty tips for traveling


// Any beauty tips for

Use a night mask on red-eye flights.
Embrace your natural waves when
you travel. DevaCurl's "The Curl Maker"
spray has been a total game-changer
for my hair.

What to eat in Tulum

// What to eat

Tulum has no shortage
of incredible food,
but my favorites are Gitano,
Arca, Safari, Raw Love
and Real Coconut.

Travel Suggestions


// Travel suggestions?

The vibe in Tulum is
very different depending
on the time of year.
In December and January
it feels more like Ibiza
with lots of DJs and
beach parties. If you want
a more laid-back trip,
come during low season.

// Where to stay:

Ahau and Alaya feel like home.
Viento de Mar is also beautiful.

// Must see:

Cenote Dos Ojos, the ruins
in Tulum and Coba,
the Sian Ka'an biosphere.


Escape with ParkerEscape with Parker

Court Scott in our sandy blouse & cabo pant

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