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The flowers are blooming, we’re cueing the bright colors and kicking off Spring with an I-can-do-anything attitude. With warmer days on the way, who needs an excuse to celebrate? We’re getting the party started with a new series featuring crazy successful girls who are crushing it at work and play every single day. Meet the inspiring MBA-turned-blogger behind Wait, You Need This…

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Janelle Lloyd

My name is... Janelle

My story: I got my start at Bloomingdale’s, where I was a buyer for apparel and home. I’ve also worked as a freelance stylist, helped manage an apparel start up, and spent time at a boutique social agency. I started blogging on nights and weekends, at first with my sister and then on my own. I recently got my MBA and went to work for Google, but no matter what else I took on, blogging and content creation was something I always enjoyed doing and believed in, so I stuck with it. Nearly six years later, I’m now doing it full-time!

My Style Vibe... Feminine, relaxed, and eclectic

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I love what I do because...
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-Janelle Lloyd
I love what I do because...
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-Janelle Lloyd
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Sharon Dress plus
featuring: The Sharon Dress

My Spring Style Hashtag Is: #SunsOutMaxiOn

Selma Combo Dress plus splatter
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Nothing cheers me up like: A dance-worthy song or a tasty cocktail

My obsessions: Mezcal margaritas, sweet potato fries, and high-waist silhouettes

My bachelorette party is coming up!
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-Janelle Lloyd