The Fillipa Combo Dress

Featuring: The Fillipa Combo Dress

Meet Katie
NYC-based fashion photographer
KATIE THOMPSON is a master at making
these insta-ready photo animations.
We brought her on set to capture
some of the fun little mini moments
from the shoot.

Try to be as natural as possible
Social Photographer Katie Thompson

Social Photographer Katie Thompson

The Petra Dress

Featuring: The Petra Dress

What About Lighting?
Clear, frontal lighting is most flattering.
If I’m inside I try to find a window. Outside, I try
to avoid shadows or put the sun directly behind me.
As far as composition I usually just put
myself center in the frame and hold
the camera at eye level or slightly above.

Insta-ready Art In Brooklyn

Insta-ready Art In Brooklyn

Any favorite spots to snap in NYC?

When I have friends visit, I always take them to Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO.
The Highline Park on the west side is beautiful and has some cool views of the city.
Bushwick in Brooklyn has lots of awesome graffiti and colorful backgrounds.

The Priscilla Dress

Featuring: The Priscilla Dress

Best part of the shoot?
Those really tasty cupcakes we had on set—
highlight of my day! We also had beautiful weather
shooting up on the roof with a great view.

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There's so much I love about NYC
What do you love about fall in NYC?

What do you love about fall in NYC?
Of course, the leaves changing is always beautiful,
but aside from that I like that I can start layering!
Fashion week is always fun.
And it’s the best time of year for exploring.